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  • Mentoring

    Founders/Inventors that work in small teams have a need to supplement their experience and expertise in running a successful startup. We match startup companies with the best and brightest minds that provide strategic advice, coaching and mentoring on a pro-bono basis and can transform an entrepreneur’s weaknesses into strengths.


    Features -


    o      Six month pro bono engagement

    o      Couple of hours a month

    o      In person or over the phone meeting


    Why Entrepreneurs should have Mentors?


    o      Learn from their successes and mistakes to avoid pitfalls on the path to success.

    o      Expand your network for prospective partners, investors, clients, employees and team members.

    o      It is free and non binding if relation does not work.

    Suggested Role of a Mentor -


       o      Be an advisor to the company for six months to support their growth.  

    o      Advise company on all options available and not assume a de facto operating position by virtue of your role.

    o      Typically meet once per month with the company CEO in person or over the phone for at lest an hour.

    o      Provide regular updates to the Entrepreneur Center

    o      Work pro bono - no current, future or promised consideration.

    o      If requested by the company, sign a non-disclosure agreement.

    o      The Mentor or the Company may discontinue the relationship at any time.

    Mentors are selected based on their experience and skills set. They assist companies on a pro bono basis. Companies with a need for a Mentor can email us at with a brief description of their specific needs and they will be matched with a Mentor based on those needs and preferences.