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  • Non-Contact Inspection Systems

    CCAT is developing an affordable, automated structured light projection system for rapid inspection and reporting of complex manufactured parts:   Description.pdf

    Presentation materials from the CCAT/GeoMagic Joint workshop held at CCAT, July 30th can be seen reviewed from this link:  CCAT_SLS_Workshop.pdf

    To review the latest presentation made by Nasir Mannan (Application Engineer) about our systems click here to download the PDF of the slides:     RAPID_2010.pdf

    We have posted some sample data generated by the system shown to the left.


    In order to download a free 3D viewer from RapidFrom please go to the link below:



    To pull down the sample data files to open in the above viewer you will need to go to this link:


    There should be two files available for downloading:     Moldy.xov    &     Aero.xov

    There are also example inspection files showing the comparison of the part scan data to the CAD definition in the same folder.

    An example of the Aero part inspection done at our Geomagic Workshop in July can be reviewed from the below link:

    CCAT Demo GeoMagic Report.pdf

    Inside the folder "ICF" are data sets visible in the Internet Explorer 3D viewer, please open the files with "htm" extensions.

    For some Examples of Human Scanning please visit the folders at the link below, and open the files with the "htm" extension (this requires Internet Explorer for viewing):

     We are able to design, build and deliver a custom system for your particular application.

    For more information on our capabitliies in this area please contact:

    Tom Scotton
    Director, Modeling & Simulation
    Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc.
    222 Pitkin St., Suite #106
    East Hartford, CT 06108
    Phone Main:     860-291-8832 x226
    Phone Direct:   860-282-4216
    FAX:                    860-291-8874